Homeschooling during Quarantine

9 avril 2020 No Comment

I am a writer and a Waldorf teacher and I would like to offer an ongoing story with lessons and activities to support children and families during these unusual times.

Click below to access the first week of the program:

INTRODUCTION with advice, schedule proposal and activities to begin each day


Stories and activities for each day:










Click here to access Weeks 2 and 3


To encourage you to give it a try, below is some feedback I received from parents who have started using what I am offering:


“I have to say that this is so thorough and well thought out. You are very gifted in this. This curriculum is a gem. So unique!”


“I find the writing so excellent and creatively detailed and the innocence of the children so touching and delightful.

I think your curriculum is one totally unique. I haven’t seen something like it before in my heavily researched understanding of curriculums available.”


“They and I loooooove the science story its bringing it all to life for us in a way that’s relatable to us such as our garden etc.

It’s very nice! »


« Thank you so very much! What a comprehensive gathering of material for us to use. I appreciate you offering this. We are homeschooling now, and I have been craving this kind of useful information. I truly can’t thank you enough. »


« A little feedback:

– I love the format, the stories and how complete it is.

– It’s so much fun that my two children can do the same program; each at their own level.

– The quality is really, really inspiring! »


“A big thank you for your generosity and support in this homeschooling adventure! Your ideas are refreshing and welcome.

What I enjoy most about your work is the steady and stimulating routine that you suggest. I love to discover the songs and poems you propose to integrate into the “morning circle » as well as the stories which inspire our artistic work. »


“A little note to express how grateful I am for your initiative. It’s a special moment I am having with my 9 year old daughter at home right now and your guide is very inspiring. Thank you very much and best wishes on your continuation!”


“I would like to thank you for this wonderful resource.

Indeed, it succeeds in bringing us together and allows us to spend a beautiful educational moment together.

My daughters love your story and I have to tell you that I appreciate it too. My daughters recognize themselves in it and find the learning very interesting.

They also adore the artistic activities. (We have wonderful little clay planets and a well-stocked seasonal table).

We can’t wait to discover what’s coming next.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. »


“Week two was just as enjoyable as the week before. My daughters really relate with your story.

I have to tell you that I love your learning subjects. The girls and I are very close to nature and these allow us to continue beautiful discussions.

And what about the lightness of having material already prepared for every day… It’s so great!

Thank you again for this wonderful resource.”


“Your lessons inspire us a lot and bring us a lot of gratitude and pleasure.

The early morning stories are really appreciated by my eldest son and the late morning story is eagerly awaited! »


“Thank you and congratulations on the wonderful work of Samel blog. These are lights that guide us through the darkness.

Your blog has helped us make school at home more beautiful and colorful. »


“A big thank you for this educational support which makes so much sense for my two daughters and me. »


« Thank you again for your support, you are very precious to us. »


« It certainly makes my life easier to have a curriculum already written out which matches the type of education we are looking for! »


“First of all, a warm thank you for your sharing this week. It perfectly meets my request to the universe! »


« Thank you very much for your blog.

It helped me plan my days and introduce some great things into our program. »


“Thank you again for your work, which enriches our days. »


« What a job! I congratulate you on your investment, it is remarkable! Reading you is very enriching. So thank you again. »



I have been thinking a lot about how the current situation can impact the children.
So I decided to write a story about a group of children who are also experiencing school closures, separation from their friends and confinement in their homes. It’s a story intended to accompany the children each day, to teach them about science and to help them pass through this unusual period with joy, confidence, wonder, warmth with their family, openness to the world and a connection to nature even if they must remain indoors.
For each day I am also proposing meaningful and wholesome activities inspired by Waldorf pedagogy and the Slow-Parenting and Forest School movements. They include artistic activities, learning games and academic lessons related to the story, which creates a unity between what touches the children’s hearts and what nourishes their heads.
The idea is to help create magical educational moments together as a family every day, regardless of the children’s educational level, and to awaken joy and enthusiasm for learning that can be experienced in the classroom but which can be difficult to reproduce at home because of the mix of ages where each child is working on different subjects and lessons.
The lessons are aimed particularly at children aged 6 to 13 years old, however many of the activities can include younger and older children as well.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or feedback.